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Feline Vaccines

Feline Vaccination Schedule- a series of 2 vaccinations are given every 3-4 weeks starting at 8 weeks of age and ending at 16 weeks of age. Please note that your pet is not fully immunized until it has had all of the following vaccinations and boosters.

8 Weeks
physical exam
fecal exam and deworming
FVRCP vaccination

12 Weeks
physical exam
fecal exam and deworming
FVRCP booster
FELV/FIV test, FELV vaccination if test is negative

16 Weeks
physical exam
FELV booster

6 Months
physical exam
rabies vaccination
spay or neuter- if not being used for breeding

After the initial series of vaccinations, FVRCP and FELV will be given on a yearly basis. The initial Rabies vaccination is good for 1 year, all other Rabies boosters will be good for 3 years.