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The Celina Animal Hospital was started by Dr. Purcell Boise in 1952. While waiting for the business/home to be completed, Dr. Boise ran the clinic out of a room at Toms Insurance Agency. In January 1953 Dr. Boise moved the practice to Fairground Rd. and Frahm Pike where it stayed until the late 1960’s. The orginal practice was roughly 85% large animal, 15% small animal. By 1960 the small side of the practice had grown considerably. Due to health problems Dr. Biose sold the practice and house in 1964 to Dr. David Miller.

Dr. Miller practiced out of the house/business on Fairground/Frahm Pike until the late 1960’s when he purchased a farm from the Mendenhall’s on Fairground Road. He converted the barn so that he could practice out of it. In 1973 Dr. Ralph Hecht purchased the practice and in 1981 when Dr. Craig Miesse joined the practice Dr. Miller retired.

Drs. Hecht and Miesse practiced out of the Fairground Road office until 1984 when they built the office on Havemann Road.They became incorporated in 1993 when they opened the Celina Road Animal Clinic in St. Marys. And in 1994 the Celina Pet Center was opened.

We currently have 4 doctors, Ralph Hecht (owner), Craig Miesse (owner), Sarah Fennig, and Andrew Roth and 3 registered veterinary technicians, Nikki George, Kelly Sprague, and Pamela Freistuhler.

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