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Routine Surgery


Declawing is a surgical procedure that must be done under general anesthesia. It involves surgically removing the nail bed at the last joint (or what would be our last knuckle). This removes the claw and prevents it from growing back. The incision is closed with [Read More]


Spaying a female is more complicated. An incision is made in the abdomen and the vessels to the uterus and ovaries are clamped and tied. The uterus and ovaries are then removed. After the veterinarian makes sure that there is no internal bleeding, the incision [Read More]


Neutering (castrating) a male pet is a fairly simple procedure. For dogs, an incision is made in front of the scrotum, the blood vessels leading to the testicles are clamped and tied, and the testicles are removed. The incision is then closed with sutures. For [Read More]