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Declawing is a surgical procedure that must be done under general anesthesia. It involves surgically removing the nail bed at the last joint (or what would be our last knuckle). This removes the claw and prevents it from growing back. The incision is closed with surgical glue. The feet will only be bandaged if there is excessive bleeding. The cat will stay at the hospital overnight, and is then free to go home to be supervised by the owner, but care does not stop there. A newly declawed cat cannot use regular clay litter because it will get stuck in the incision and cause infection. Litter must be replaced for 7-10 days with yesterday’s news, shredded paper, paper towels, etc. Activity will need to be restricted, especially jumpin, for 7-10 days to allow the toes to heal. The cat should be kept indoors exclusively because he no longer has nails to protect himself.

*Laser surgery is done for this procedure, this cuts down on swelling, bleeding, and pain