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Ear Mites in Dogs and Cats

Ear mites are mites that live in the ears of humans and animals. There are several types of mites that can live in your pet’s ears. Most commonly seen in animals are Otodectes cynotis which means ear biter of the dog. This is also the [Read More]

Quietest Dog Breeds

What are the quietest dog breeds? 15. Collie 14. Irish Setter 12.Chinese Shar-pei 12. Rhodesian Ridgeback 11. Golden Retriever 9. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 9. Saint Bernard 8. Bullmastiff 7. Bernese Mountain Dog 6. Mastiff 5. Whippet 4. Italian Greyhound 3.Great Pyrenees 1. Great Dane [Read More]